Stripping the Angel

Stripping the Angel

During this spring I have been stripping the Angel of her fenders, bumpers, trunk cover and rear window, this in order to make her ready for further actions. By doing this I discovered that a lot more (understatement of the year) have to be done before she is ready for a dry ice & sand blasting. A lot of a car`s “worst enemy” was revealed during this process. Just what I was afraid of… Damn it… 🙁 ,  but also what I suspected of a 58 year old Barockengel. A lot of welding is also needed and the right front fender is to be replaced due to bad corrosion, actually not visible from the outside. Also the whole fresh air canal has to be replaced due to even worse corrosion. So, actually I have now decided that I have to strip her totally Down to the last nut and bolt.  “Hold on to Your lug nuts, it`s time for a real overhaul”. Disembling will now have to continue all summer. Front window has to be replaced as also all the other windows. Nothing else to do than to ” roll up one`s sleeves” and continue. Luckily parts are available from in Germany, you only need a big stack of Euros. 🙂 Wishing all a extremely Nice SUMMER 2014.  29.05.2014 214 29.05.2014 215 29.05.2014 216 29.05.2014 217 29.05.2014 218 29.05.2014 219 29.05.2014 220 29.05.2014 221

A New Trolley for the V-8 Engine

A New Trolley for the V-8 Engine

I picked up my Angel`s V-8 engine from my friend, who had a couple of years ago replaced the clutch as he had also  promised to look over the engine, check and replace all parts and if needed make a total overhaul. But as we all have a lot of projects, family and friends to take care of, his time is as well limited. I decided last spring to bring the engine home as it was just lying around in his garage and consuming for him badly needed space. I have not yet decided, when to contact a couple of professionals in Sweden, who, hopefully can help me with the overhaul. It will not be a cheap affair, I know this, that is why I have postponed this matter. Money does not grow on trees you know….  

When picking up the engine it was placed on a lyingboard used by mechanics as they crawl about, cursing, sometimes snoaring and repairing stuff under the car. As these boards are only design to hold a regular person`s  weight and not suitable for moving a engine around in the garage, I decided to build a trolley for the “Angel Engine”. The damn engine is always in the wrong place anyway and it`s very difficult to move a dead weight around alone.  As the weight for the board is limited and the wheels way too small and every effort to move the darn beast ends up in wheels that are loudly protesting under the weight of the engine.      

The easiest way to build a trolley is of course to take a Euro pallet and install 4 to six ball bearings equiped swiwel wheels. Should not be a difficult task but it does not give you any challenges. I decided to build a rock steady trolley instead. You see, I have bad experiences regarding all kinds of mechanical stuff that is supposed to hold up and bear heavy things. Such as my BMW 540i Touring car for an example. A couple of years ago when changing from summer tires to winter tires I had a bad experince. I was using my regular BMW car jack for this job and suddenly the car jack broke, the plastic joint just gave up, why they are using hard plastic in car jack joints is beyond me, but anyway, the damn car came down on my hand and I was secured and pinned between the now loose wheel and the car. There I stood with my hand stuck under half a ton of BMW and nobody in sight. I shouted for help for 10 minutes but it seemed that nobody was within hearing distance. Finally the Mrs and her son showed up and together they managed to lift the damn car off my hand. A remarkable achievement for only two persons when thinking that the car is quite heavy. When later asking why they hadn`t shown up earlier they replied that my shouting sounded just like the sound from the Neighborhood TOMCAT in heat so they did`n  pay attention. When yelling for help nowadays I try to bark like a dog instead. 🙂

Luckily for me I was wearing very thick gloves during this incident but my hand looked just like an inflated rubber glove.  I had to visit the nearest emergency room and to my astonishment nothing was broken nor crushed. I really felt like a “Lucky S.O.B.” , I could really have lost my right hand that day.  After this incident I am no longer allowed to change tires nor jack up the car without proper personell (wifey at least, and preferably a couple of stout people) around me.  Hard to be a man sometimes. Sigh…

When these situations happen I sometimes wished I was a dog.

“Handle every stressful situation like a dog!!  If you cannot eat or hump it, Just pee on it and walk away!!”

 So now I decided to build a steady trolley, that can be used when moving the engine around in the garage and for transporting the engine for a total overhaul.  It`s not a beauty but I think it will work as intended.



Sun Visor Up-Holstery

Sun Visor Up-Holstery

After having had a 3 months on-and-off relationship with my Barockangel, I decided that it`s about time to re-start the serious business of my project again. No use in trying to force oneself into poor results as it often ends in that the job has to be done again. 

Maybe not a so interesting part of the interior but very important when driving into a very bright sunrise or sunset, are the Sun visors. The Visors in my Angel, seemed to have been laying on the football court for at least a decade. “Bend it like Beckham”- wise they were shaped by moisture, sun and heat into a Banana-shape. Well, my first thought was to replace them with some other material, maybe plywood, or something out of recycled composite. But when surching for proper material you never seem to find any suitable replacement, and were the hell do you start searching for stuff like that anyway??  The easiest way is to try and repair what you already got.  As the material used for my original Sun visors is completely unknown to me and the banana bends really were annoying me,  it suddenly struck me that water might be the right solution to this problem. Water seems to have a softening effect and making some materials more soft and much more friendly to work with, so I decided to drown the suckers  in the bath-tub for an hour or so. The result was just what I had wished for. The material had softened and I could slightly bend it back and forth without breaking it.  What then is needed in acheiving a satisfying result is , 3 pieces of straight wooden pieces, enough of vices for strapping the visors between the wood and then just let it dry and the nature will do it`s magic all by it`s self. So the right potion for some task is simply to “Soak- Squeeze-and dry”. 

Next step is to get the “Mrs to start the engine on her Singer machine”, as I am not allowed, nor dare I, to use the Beast. By copying the old fabric, taking some stratetic measurements and kicking the sewing machine into life, testing  the result and after that the hardest job remains to be done. Gluing and sewing  by hand the open ends so professionally as possible. HEP!!   🙂 




Reupholstery of Inner Door-Handle

Reupholstery of Inner Door-Handle

Needed equipment:

Staple gun + Staples (8 mm), Scissors, Some old sheets for cutting and testing the pattern, Pliers, Screwdriver, or in my case, wine 🙂  , Marker, Baking paper, Spectacles, 5 Hands ( 2 hands to hold the fabric stretched, 2 hands to keep the staple gun singing and 1 hand to pour the wine. Way to go… Meaning that you once again need help from “The Lady of the House”. You do not actually need her help in emptying the wine, but to hold the damned door-handle.

  I tried to take a short-cut by only measuring the old original, cut an identical piece and tried to get it to fit smoothly. After some struggling in order to get a smooth surface without annoying looking corners and lines, I everytime ended up in awful looking stretchmarks all over the handle. Frustrated as hell I took the damned fabric to a saddler in hope to get some help. The grayhaired Saddler, having been in this line of trade at least since World War II,  just glanced at the fabric, shook his head and looked at me with pitiful eyes and said. – BOY. Now hear now BOY.” This fabric is not stretching enough, you are in need of sewing seams to get this shit together.” Ahaaaaaa EUREKA. Back at home I asked my BOSS (wifey) for assistance as here we had to perform some serious planning and sewing.                                                            

Left side picture is just to show “How NOT to do it” One will not only just get greyer & thinner hair, one will actually get a quite high blood pressure after having struggled for hours to get the fabric to fit properly. It`s almost as hard as it would be, I imagine, to try to fit a rubber on an Elephant. “Sigh”


 Here we have the wifey`s awsome result after some brainstorming and measuring. One “only” have to measure, cut and sew 3 pieces of fabric together and “VOILA” , a piece of cake, nothing to it, as long as one`s wifey knows how to use the machine.     

As she is quite a PRO behind the Sewing machine it did not take long before she spitted this out.

The rewarding result after having used all of my 5 hands is shown below.

Stage 3 / Upholstery of the seats & finally ready

Stage 3 / Upholstery of the seats & finally ready

After a really long pause, I am now finally ready with the third stage of the front seats and the backseat. It has really been a pain in the butt 🙁 🙁 getting this important job finnished. This meaning that all the seats have had old upholstery, rust & dirt removed, new sacking adjusted and sewn on. It has really been a long and arduous path but I wanted to try to do this work myself due to the simple fact that this job performed by a professional is a tremendously costly affair. I have not until now just realized why upholstery is so expensive. It`s a really time-consuming job and getting through the first 3 stages took me almost a year. Of course I have to admit that my daily job is interfering a lot with my hobby :). The sudden illness of my Upholstery instructor, ending the course only after 3 lessons a year ago, also resulted in why this basic job has taken such a long time. I nearly “threw in the towel” a dozen times, but found out along the way, that by taking pauses between the sometimes frustrating sessions one will eventually get closer to the finnish line. I have while sewing on the new sacking also found out that I am now really hating corners and angles, they are quite difficult to master, for a man any way…. Earlier, I only “hated Mondays” :). But after some failures, some costly others not, a lot of cursing in finnish  and by getting patiently guidance from “The Lady of the House” one finally learns to master this as well. It`s way better to plead for mercy & crawl in front of the “missis” in order to avoid getting the BIG letter L stamped into your forehead.     

Next step will now be to put some new foam on to the seats. Luckily I have found a factory that have cut pre-measured foam cushions for all the seats. It shouldn`t be so difficult as I have saved the “smelly”originals and I have of course been taking pictures all along. 🙂 🙂 🙂




Denne websiden handler om restaureringen av min 1956 BMW 501, en modell bedre kjent som “Barockengel”.

Dvs. Barockstilen, dette pga. av bilens myke og litt runde yttre. Har litt samme fasong som MB Adenauer modellen.

Barockengelen kostet i sin tid (1952-1962) omtrent 3-4 årslønner, ca. 12.000- 18.200 DM avhengig av modell og motor.

501 modellen med R6 motor (1952-1958) og V8 motor (1954-1962).

Denne bilen kom utstyrt med Peugeot-seten, hvilket i grunn er en blodig fornærmelse mot BMW, så meningen er å trekke om originalsetene hvilke heldigvis fulgte med ved kjøpet. En salmaker sender en regning på mellom 30.000-60.000 NOK for å trekke om setene (avhengig av stoff og arbeidstid)  så jeg har bestemt å prøve å gjøre dette selv. ( Se nærmere under “INTERIØR ” for fortgang i den prosessen.

Bilen skal også få ny lakk etterhvert, men må først få interiør- kosmetisk oppgradering.

Motoren, en V8 i lett-aluminium på ca. 100 BHP, skal plukkes i deler for sjekk og overhaling nå i vår.�

Kromen, som i over 50 år har vært utsatt for all slags vær, har begynt å falme så den trenger også full oppgradering. (Støtfangere og dørhåndtak)  Et sett dørhåndtak, fra en 1958 Barockengel i Tyskland, ble lagt ut til salgs på tyske eBay og jeg fikk tilslaget.  Håndtakene viste seg å være i ypperlig stand. Bare å skru av de gamle og skru på de “nye” etter planlagd omlakkering. �

Aluminiumlistene er i rimelig god stand, her må det bare gnikkes og pusses så det holder.

Websiden er under konstant oppbygging og vil bli oppdatert fortløpende, med informasjon og bilder på restaureringsprosessen.