After a really long pause, I am now finally ready with the third stage of the front seats and the backseat. It has really been a pain in the butt 🙁 🙁 getting this important job finnished. This meaning that all the seats have had old upholstery, rust & dirt removed, new sacking adjusted and sewn on. It has really been a long and arduous path but I wanted to try to do this work myself due to the simple fact that this job performed by a professional is a tremendously costly affair. I have not until now just realized why upholstery is so expensive. It`s a really time-consuming job and getting through the first 3 stages took me almost a year. Of course I have to admit that my daily job is interfering a lot with my hobby :). The sudden illness of my Upholstery instructor, ending the course only after 3 lessons a year ago, also resulted in why this basic job has taken such a long time. I nearly “threw in the towel” a dozen times, but found out along the way, that by taking pauses between the sometimes frustrating sessions one will eventually get closer to the finnish line. I have while sewing on the new sacking also found out that I am now really hating corners and angles, they are quite difficult to master, for a man any way…. Earlier, I only “hated Mondays” :). But after some failures, some costly others not, a lot of cursing in finnish  and by getting patiently guidance from “The Lady of the House” one finally learns to master this as well. It`s way better to plead for mercy & crawl in front of the “missis” in order to avoid getting the BIG letter L stamped into your forehead.     

Next step will now be to put some new foam on to the seats. Luckily I have found a factory that have cut pre-measured foam cushions for all the seats. It shouldn`t be so difficult as I have saved the “smelly”originals and I have of course been taking pictures all along. 🙂 🙂 🙂