Needed equipment:

Staple gun + Staples (8 mm), Scissors, Some old sheets for cutting and testing the pattern, Pliers, Screwdriver, or in my case, wine 🙂  , Marker, Baking paper, Spectacles, 5 Hands ( 2 hands to hold the fabric stretched, 2 hands to keep the staple gun singing and 1 hand to pour the wine. Way to go… Meaning that you once again need help from “The Lady of the House”. You do not actually need her help in emptying the wine, but to hold the damned door-handle.

  I tried to take a short-cut by only measuring the old original, cut an identical piece and tried to get it to fit smoothly. After some struggling in order to get a smooth surface without annoying looking corners and lines, I everytime ended up in awful looking stretchmarks all over the handle. Frustrated as hell I took the damned fabric to a saddler in hope to get some help. The grayhaired Saddler, having been in this line of trade at least since World War II,  just glanced at the fabric, shook his head and looked at me with pitiful eyes and said. – BOY. Now hear now BOY.” This fabric is not stretching enough, you are in need of sewing seams to get this shit together.” Ahaaaaaa EUREKA. Back at home I asked my BOSS (wifey) for assistance as here we had to perform some serious planning and sewing.                                                            

Left side picture is just to show “How NOT to do it” One will not only just get greyer & thinner hair, one will actually get a quite high blood pressure after having struggled for hours to get the fabric to fit properly. It`s almost as hard as it would be, I imagine, to try to fit a rubber on an Elephant. “Sigh”


 Here we have the wifey`s awsome result after some brainstorming and measuring. One “only” have to measure, cut and sew 3 pieces of fabric together and “VOILA” , a piece of cake, nothing to it, as long as one`s wifey knows how to use the machine.     

As she is quite a PRO behind the Sewing machine it did not take long before she spitted this out.

The rewarding result after having used all of my 5 hands is shown below.