After having had a 3 months on-and-off relationship with my Barockangel, I decided that it`s about time to re-start the serious business of my project again. No use in trying to force oneself into poor results as it often ends in that the job has to be done again. 

Maybe not a so interesting part of the interior but very important when driving into a very bright sunrise or sunset, are the Sun visors. The Visors in my Angel, seemed to have been laying on the football court for at least a decade. “Bend it like Beckham”- wise they were shaped by moisture, sun and heat into a Banana-shape. Well, my first thought was to replace them with some other material, maybe plywood, or something out of recycled composite. But when surching for proper material you never seem to find any suitable replacement, and were the hell do you start searching for stuff like that anyway??  The easiest way is to try and repair what you already got.  As the material used for my original Sun visors is completely unknown to me and the banana bends really were annoying me,  it suddenly struck me that water might be the right solution to this problem. Water seems to have a softening effect and making some materials more soft and much more friendly to work with, so I decided to drown the suckers  in the bath-tub for an hour or so. The result was just what I had wished for. The material had softened and I could slightly bend it back and forth without breaking it.  What then is needed in acheiving a satisfying result is , 3 pieces of straight wooden pieces, enough of vices for strapping the visors between the wood and then just let it dry and the nature will do it`s magic all by it`s self. So the right potion for some task is simply to “Soak- Squeeze-and dry”. 

Next step is to get the “Mrs to start the engine on her Singer machine”, as I am not allowed, nor dare I, to use the Beast. By copying the old fabric, taking some stratetic measurements and kicking the sewing machine into life, testing  the result and after that the hardest job remains to be done. Gluing and sewing  by hand the open ends so professionally as possible. HEP!!   🙂