I picked up my Angel`s V-8 engine from my friend, who had a couple of years ago replaced the clutch as he had also  promised to look over the engine, check and replace all parts and if needed make a total overhaul. But as we all have a lot of projects, family and friends to take care of, his time is as well limited. I decided last spring to bring the engine home as it was just lying around in his garage and consuming for him badly needed space. I have not yet decided, when to contact a couple of professionals in Sweden, who, hopefully can help me with the overhaul. It will not be a cheap affair, I know this, that is why I have postponed this matter. Money does not grow on trees you know….  

When picking up the engine it was placed on a lyingboard used by mechanics as they crawl about, cursing, sometimes snoaring and repairing stuff under the car. As these boards are only design to hold a regular person`s  weight and not suitable for moving a engine around in the garage, I decided to build a trolley for the “Angel Engine”. The damn engine is always in the wrong place anyway and it`s very difficult to move a dead weight around alone.  As the weight for the board is limited and the wheels way too small and every effort to move the darn beast ends up in wheels that are loudly protesting under the weight of the engine.      

The easiest way to build a trolley is of course to take a Euro pallet and install 4 to six ball bearings equiped swiwel wheels. Should not be a difficult task but it does not give you any challenges. I decided to build a rock steady trolley instead. You see, I have bad experiences regarding all kinds of mechanical stuff that is supposed to hold up and bear heavy things. Such as my BMW 540i Touring car for an example. A couple of years ago when changing from summer tires to winter tires I had a bad experince. I was using my regular BMW car jack for this job and suddenly the car jack broke, the plastic joint just gave up, why they are using hard plastic in car jack joints is beyond me, but anyway, the damn car came down on my hand and I was secured and pinned between the now loose wheel and the car. There I stood with my hand stuck under half a ton of BMW and nobody in sight. I shouted for help for 10 minutes but it seemed that nobody was within hearing distance. Finally the Mrs and her son showed up and together they managed to lift the damn car off my hand. A remarkable achievement for only two persons when thinking that the car is quite heavy. When later asking why they hadn`t shown up earlier they replied that my shouting sounded just like the sound from the Neighborhood TOMCAT in heat so they did`n  pay attention. When yelling for help nowadays I try to bark like a dog instead. 🙂

Luckily for me I was wearing very thick gloves during this incident but my hand looked just like an inflated rubber glove.  I had to visit the nearest emergency room and to my astonishment nothing was broken nor crushed. I really felt like a “Lucky S.O.B.” , I could really have lost my right hand that day.  After this incident I am no longer allowed to change tires nor jack up the car without proper personell (wifey at least, and preferably a couple of stout people) around me.  Hard to be a man sometimes. Sigh…

When these situations happen I sometimes wished I was a dog.

“Handle every stressful situation like a dog!!  If you cannot eat or hump it, Just pee on it and walk away!!”

 So now I decided to build a steady trolley, that can be used when moving the engine around in the garage and for transporting the engine for a total overhaul.  It`s not a beauty but I think it will work as intended.