During this spring I have been stripping the Angel of her fenders, bumpers, trunk cover and rear window, this in order to make her ready for further actions. By doing this I discovered that a lot more (understatement of the year) have to be done before she is ready for a dry ice & sand blasting. A lot of a car`s “worst enemy” was revealed during this process. Just what I was afraid of… Damn it… 🙁 ,  but also what I suspected of a 58 year old Barockengel. A lot of welding is also needed and the right front fender is to be replaced due to bad corrosion, actually not visible from the outside. Also the whole fresh air canal has to be replaced due to even worse corrosion. So, actually I have now decided that I have to strip her totally Down to the last nut and bolt.  “Hold on to Your lug nuts, it`s time for a real overhaul”. Disembling will now have to continue all summer. Front window has to be replaced as also all the other windows. Nothing else to do than to ” roll up one`s sleeves” and continue. Luckily parts are available from www.V8-theis.de in Germany, you only need a big stack of Euros. 🙂 Wishing all a extremely Nice SUMMER 2014.  29.05.2014 214 29.05.2014 215 29.05.2014 216 29.05.2014 217 29.05.2014 218 29.05.2014 219 29.05.2014 220 29.05.2014 221